Fade In Update: Minor Changes and Fixes


Fade In has release an update of its professional Screenwriting application (Version.2.0.541 2.0.542).

It’s not a major update, mainly a few bugs and fixes have been implemented:

  • Element style space-before fractional values were not being saved/restored properly for some locales
  • Break-on-sentences is now even slightly smarter
  • Better page break behavior for column-based formats such as some of the stage play templates
  • Cleaned up some logic in bookmark naming rules
  • Fixed an issue with setting the default language for new documents to an installed dictionary
  • Improved dual dialogue handling for stage play formats
  • Addressed a regression with Final Draft importing title pages (and other formatting)
  • Fixed a Fountain export case involving Scene Heading elements with locations beginning with “INT” alone, without “INT.”
  • RTF export now exports title page
  • Mac – Tracked down a redraw issue that was affecting typing over a page break at low zoom levels
  • Windows – Warns on use of plain “Courier” font (i.e., the non-TrueType COURIER.FON)
  • Windows – Guarding against some unintended drag-and-drop behavior in index card view
  • Linux – Now generating RPMs manually instead of using alien to convert packages (due to Red Hat installation conflicts)

Source: Official Fade In Website

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