How to Extract and Join Script Pages with FADE IN


With Fade In, you can easily join script files together, or extract parts of them to create new documents.

Extracting means you take several pages from your current document and make a new document out of them. Joining takes two or more Fade In documents and makes one whole document out of them.

Let me show you how to do that.

If you want to extract pages from a project, go to “File – Extract and Join – Extract Pages…” and tell Fade In which pages you’d like to extract. It’s pretty similar to a printer dialog where you decide which pages you’d like to have printed. Just enter the the range or the pages you want, separated with commas.

Extract one or several Pages from your actual Script - How to Extract and Join Script Pages with FADE IN
Extract one or several Pages from your actual Script

Fade In then creates multiple new documents for you, with the single pages or page ranges you extracted. You can then simply save them with a new name.

If you’d like to Join pages together there are two ways you can do that.

The first option is to append pages to an already existing document. To do that go to “File – Extract and Join – Append Pages” and choose the document you’d like to append at the end of the current document.

The other way to join files is to select two or more Fade In files and join the together to form a completely new document.

Go to “File – Extract and Join – Join Pages” and select the documents you’d like to form a new file. You can then select, I which order you’d like them to appear in your new document with the “up” and “down” buttons on the right side.

Join several Documents together to form a new Script - How to extract and join documents with FADE IN
Join several Documents together to form a new Script

If you’re satisfied with your selection hit “OK” and Fade In produces a new document for you, called “Joined Files”. And now you can go ahead and save it just like any other document.

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