Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Fade In Pro is a powerful script writing app that gives screenwriters the features they need to produce a professional screenplay. Including index cards, collaboration tools for writing with a partner, production features like revisions, including importing and exporting a variety of formats (Final Draft fdx, pdf, epub, Scrivener, ...). Its interface is very clean and adjustable and it comes at a much lower price than many other apps. This makes it a viable alternative to Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. Also, Fade In comes for iOS to write on the go if necessary. See the tutorials below to learn the full features of this powerful screenwriting app.


Fade In Tips and Tricks Vol. I

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How to Create and Use Templates in FADE IN

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FADE IN User Preferencesvideo

FADE IN User Interface Settings (Revision colors, …)

Learn how to prepare your FADE IN user interface for your most productive writing experience. To open the user interface settings dialog go to "Fade In...

FADE IN Editing Preferences

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FADE IN General Preferences

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How to deal with Revisions in FADE IN

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How to deal with Reports in FADE IN

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Locking Pages and Scenes in FADE IN

In this article, I'll show you how to lock scenes and pages in Fade In to get your screenplay ready for production. Locking scenes is...

Dictionaries and Languages

In this article I'll show you how to use dictionaries in Fade In. Fade In uses dictionaries on a document by document basis as well...