Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Hailed by many as the "best scriptwriting software" out there, Final Draft has definitely managed to become the "de facto" standard in screenwriting applications. Its native format fdx is supported by almost any other screenplay writing software. It's available for Mac, PC, and also on iPad and iPhone. It is a fully-fledged professional screenwriting app, including features such as outlining, production reports, revisions, and much more. It delivers a professional screenplay layout. See reviews and tutorials on how to use this script writing software effectively.

Add Scene and Page Numbers in Final Draft 10

Learn how to automatically add scene and page numbers in Final Draft 10. Jump to: Scene Numbers Page Numbers Assigning scene and page numbers to your...

Final Draft Online Collaboration

Learn how to use Final Draft’s online collaboration tool to create truly great screenplays together with your writing partner. Who Should Read This Article? This article...
Final Draft 10 cannot export Fountain ... or can it?video

Final Draft 10 cannot export Fountain … or can it?

Today I want to show you a little test. I wanted to get a Fountain-formatted plain text file out of Final Draft 10. If...
Final Draft Beat Board & Story Map - good or bad?video

Final Draft 10 Beat Board & Story Map: good or bad?

I In this article we’re going to have a look at the Final Draft 10 Beat Board and Story Map. The Beat Board and the...

Final Draft 10 Review

I In this article I’m going to give you a quick review about the new features of Final Draft 10 that’s just been released. So, if...

Formatting Dual Dialogue in Final Draft

In this article I'm going to show you how to format dual dialogue in Final Draft. Characters speaking at the same time Oftentimes in your script...

Final Draft: Reordering and Outlining with Index Cards

In this article I'm going to show you the index cards feature of Final Draft and how you can use it for outlining your...

Speed Up Your Rewrite Process With Character Reports in Final Draft

Often in the rewriting process of your script you want to focus on just one element and not be distracted by everything else. Let's say,...

What’s New in Scrivener 2.7?

Literature and Latte just released Scrivener version 2.7 for the MAC and this is what's new: 1. Interface First of all it's been made compatible with...

Convert Celtx To Final Draft And Vice Versa

Convert Celtx to Final Draft and Vice Versa Since Celtx Studio has changed from an offline-only application to being a complete online based system, converting...