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Final Draft 10 cannot export Fountain ... or can it?video

Final Draft 10 cannot export Fountain … or can it?

Today I want to show you a little test. I wanted to get a Fountain-formatted plain text file out of Final Draft 10. If...

How to Extract and Join Script Pages with FADE IN

With Fade In, you can easily join script files together, or extract parts of them to create new documents. Extracting means you take several pages...

Scrivener for iOS Update 1.1 (new features)

Literature and Latte have released an update for Scrivener’s iOS version this week, so let me give you a quick summary of what’s new. If...

How to Create and Use Templates in FADE IN

If you want to create your own FADE IN templates from the files your working on, follow this guide. It’s really simple. Templates are really...

Multi-Level Story Outlining in Scrivener with Index Cards

Scrivener’s cork board lets you work on several levels at once, for example for story outlining or other complex documents where you need to...
FADE IN User Preferencesvideo

FADE IN User Interface Settings (Revision colors, …)

Learn how to prepare your FADE IN user interface for your most productive writing experience. To open the user interface settings dialog go to "Fade In...