Monday, April 23, 2018

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How to Use the Scrivener Corkboard

How to Use the Scrivener Corkboard Learn how to master the Scrivener corkboard in order to avoid drowning in a mess of documents, losing track...

How to Use Scrivener with Cloud Services

Let me show you how to set up Scrivener properly with cloud services, so you can enjoy all the advantages, like working from wherever...

Top 5 Free Apps Every Writer Needs to Have on Their...

5 Apps for every Writer's Phone
In the past couple of years, we experienced the rapid evolution of our mobile devices. With remote working becoming a trend, more and more...

Scrivener for iOS Update 1.1 (new features)

Literature and Latte have released an update for Scrivener’s iOS version this week, so let me give you a quick summary of what’s new. If...

Multi-Level Story Outlining in Scrivener with Index Cards

Scrivener’s cork board lets you work on several levels at once, for example for story outlining or other complex documents where you need to...
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